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POSITION OPENING: The Robertson Lab at Dartmouth has an opening for a postdoctoral scientist to lead studies of the human brain and behavior. This full-time position lasts for two years with possible renewal. Our lab studies how people see, remember, and neurodiverge. To study these topics, we embrace a wide range of experimental and computational techniques. We seek to characterize complex human behaviors in naturalistic settings (using wearable Virtual Reality and eye-tracking) and, ultimately, to link these behaviors to neurobiological theories of the brain (using neuroimaging: fMRI, MRS, EEG). As a lab, we are a passionate group of scientists who work together to build knowledge about the human brain and behavior. We embrace diversity as an essential ingredient of our vibrant intellectual environment.


Our lab is one of 19 labs studying topics that range from systems neuroscience to cognitive neuroscience to social psychology in the Dartmouth Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. We are affiliated with the Dartmouth Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, the Dartmouth Brain Imaging Center, the Dartmouth Autism Research Initiative, the Neukom Institute for Computational Science and have strong collaborations throughout the Boston area and beyond.

REQUIREMENTS: We encourage applications from creative, self-motivated scientists who are eager to develop an independent research program in a premier neuroimaging department. Candidates should have or expect to receive a PhD in a related field (e.g. neuroscience, psychology, engineering, physics) and a strong backbone in cognitive, clinical, and/or computational neuroscience. Desired strengths include strong prior experience in:

  • Neuroimaging (fMRI, MRS, EEG)

  • Programming (MATLAB or Python)

  • Computational approaches to data analysis

  • Virtual reality (C#, Unity)

HOW TO APPLY: Please email Dr. Caroline Robertson (cerw at dartmouth dot edu), including a statement of interest describing your prior experience, curiosity about our lab, and future research goals along with a CV. Applications will be considered as long as this posting is up. 


The lab admits PhD students entering through either the Psychological and Brain Sciences Department or the Integrative Neuroscience at Dartmouth program. Interested students can contact Caroline Robertson directly with their CV and a description of their background and interests to send a heads up about their application.


The lab admits undergraduate research assistants (RAs) to help with our science. Serious scientific work is great preparation for industry, medicine, and other career paths. Many of our RAs have gone on to pursue graduate degrees in psychology or neuroscience at places including Stanford, Harvard, MIT, John's Hopkins, and Dartmouth. To get involved with our science, we require a 2+ quarter commitment of ~8-10 hours / week (which often evolves into a multi-year research path). Dartmouth has a number of research fellowships and grants to support your research while on campus. To get involved with research in the lab, please send Caroline and her lab manager an email with your CV, current relevant experience (e.g. research background, coursework, programming skills), and availability. We often receive more interest for RA positions than we have availability and ask that you start getting involved in the lab by joining our lab meetings.

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