Address: 6207 Moore Hall

Dartmouth College

Hanover, NH 03755

Email: cerw at dartmouth dot edu

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POSITION OPENING: The Robertson Lab at Dartmouth is seeking 1-2 postdoctoral scientists to lead neuroimaging studies of the functional and molecular architecture of the human brain. Target start date is September 1, 2018. These full-time positions lasts for 2 years with possible renewal.

REQUIREMENTS: We encourage applications from creative, self-motivated scientists who are eager to develop an independent research program in a top neuroimaging department. Our lab uses neuroimaging and psychophysical techniques (fMRI and MRS), as well as Virtual Reality (VR) to tackle research questions in areas such as:

  • The neurobiology of autism (fMRI, Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, EEG)

  • Real-world scene perception (fMRI, head-mounted Virtual Reality)

  • Neuroplasticity and learning (Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, fMRI)


The following strengths are desired:

  • Programming (e.g. MATLAB, Python, shell scripting)

  • Neuroimaging experience (fMRI, MRS)

  • Computational approaches (Machine learning, MVPA)

  • Virtual reality (C, Unity)

  • Psychophysics 


ABOUT DARTMOUTH: Dartmouth College is an Ivy League university with graduate programs in the sciences, engineering, medicine, and business. It is located in Hanover, New Hampshire and has a scenic, historic campus on the Appalachian Trail. The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences is a premier neuroimaging department, with 28 faculty studying topics that range from behavioral and computational neuroscience to social psychology.


HOW TO APPLY: Please email your CV, statement of interest (not to exceed 1 page), and any relevant publications to Dr. Caroline Robertson at cerw@dartmouth.edu. For more information on the Robertson Lab, please visit: www.robertsonlab.com. Applications will be considered starting on March 1 2018, and review will continue on a rolling basis until the position is filled.


POSITION OPENING: The Robertson lab at Dartmouth is looking for a Clinical Research Manager – an aspiring researcher or clinician with an interest in autism – to lead all aspects of project management, recruitment, outreach, and clinical testing for multiple projects investigating the psychological and neural basis of Autism Spectrum Conditions. Target start date is July 1, 2018. This full-time position includes Dartmouth employee benefits and lasts for 1 year with possible renewal. This position is a great platform for individuals considering future graduate studies in neuroscience, medical school, or other clinical careers. Our laboratory is a fast-paced and highly interdisciplinary intellectual environment.

REQUIREMENTS: We seek a driven, creative, organized, and self-motivated individual with:


  • A proven record of successful project management and the ability to motivate others to adopt effective practices

  • Excellent written, verbal, and visual communication skills to represent research projects effectively to multiple audiences

  • Proven ability to work effectively and compassionately with individuals with autism

  • Stellar interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate with Dartmouth students, faculty, administrators, support staff, and funders

  • Excitement about the brain, cognitive neuroscience, and/or clinical disorders

  • Desirable additional qualifications: a master’s degree in a clinical area, research reliability in administering the ADOS and/or ADI.

  • The schedule is flexible and compatible with working at home sometimes, but the ability to work at Dartmouth on some evenings or weekends, when necessary to accommodate participants’ schedules, is desired.



HOW TO APPLY: Please apply on the Dartmouth Website (link here) and feel free to email your CV and statement of interest (not to exceed 1 page) to Dr. Caroline Robertson at cerw@dartmouth.edu. For more information on the Robertson Lab, please visit: http://www.robertsonlab.com/. Applications will be considered starting on March 15 2018, and review will continue on a rolling basis until the position is filled.