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Our Virtual Reality Lab

The Robertson Lab's Virtual Reality suite is equipped with state-of-the art resources for virtual and augmented reality studies.
We combine in-headset eye-tracking, immersive Virtual Reality, and room-scale motion tracking to study human perception and memory in naturalistic environments. Check out our publications.

Using wired and wireless VR systems, we can study how people explore 360° naturalistic environments.

Screenshot 2020-04-24 16.11.58.png

Using in-headset eyetrackers, we can visualize where an individual is looking in VR.

The Unity game engine allows us to manipulate the 360° environment to study visual experience.

Our VR lab
Our Technology
By studying how people see the world, we can learn about the structure of cognition and, in return, learn how different patterns of thought shape our experience of the world around us.
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