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Active visual search in naturalistic environments reflects individual differences in classic visual search performance

Thomas L. Botch, Brenda D. Garcia, Yeo Bi Choi, and Caroline E. Robertson, 2023

Scientific Reports 2023 January 12;


Dissociating Hippocampal and Cortical Contributions to Predictive Processing

Anna Mynick and Adam Steel, 2023

Journal of Neuroscience 2023 January 11;


Reduced social attention in autism is magnified by perceptual load in naturalistic environments

Amanda J Haskins, Jeff Mentch, Thomas L. Botch, Brenda D. Garcia, and Caroline E. Robertson, 2022

Autism Research 2022 October 7;


Evaluating the efficacy of multi-echo ICA denoising on model-based fMRI

Adam Steel, Brenda D. Garcia, Edward H. Silson, and Caroline E. Robertson, 2022

Neuro Image 2022 October 30;


Frequency drift in MR spectroscopy at 3T

Hue et al., 2021

Neuro Image 2021 July 22;


A network linking scene perception and spatial memory systems in posterior cerebral cortex

Adam Steel, Madeleine M. Billings, Edward H. Silson, and Caroline E. Robertson

Nature Communications 2021 May 11;



Current Promises and Limitations of Combined Virtual Reality and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research in Humans: A Commentary on Huffman and Ekstrom

Adam Steel, Caroline E. Robertson, and Jeffrey S. Taube

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 2020 October 15;



Active Vision in Immersive 360° Real-World Environments 

Amanda J. Haskins, Jeff Mentch, Thomas L. Botch, Caroline E. Robertson

Scientific Reports 2020 August 31; 



Regional balance between glutamate+glutamine and GABA+ in the resting human brain

Adam Steel, Mark Mikkelsen, Richard A.E. Edden, Caroline E. Robertson

Neuroimage 2020 June 27;


Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 12.03.10

The Limits of Color Awareness During Active, Real-World Vision

Michael A. Cohen, Thomas L. Botch, and Caroline E. Robertson.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2020 June 8;

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 12.44_edited.p

Slower Binocular Rivalry in the Autistic Brain

Alina Spiegel, Jeff Mentch, Amanda J Haskins, and Caroline Robertson

Current Biology 2019 August 15;

Screenshot 2019-08-27 12.13.14.png

GABAergic inhibition gates perceptual awareness during binocular rivalry

Jeff Mentch, ​Alina Spiegel, Catherine Ricciardi, and Caroline Robertson

Journal of Neuroscience 2019 August 26;

Screenshot 2017-12-19 16.10.42.png

Sensory Perception in Autism

Caroline Robertson & Simon Baron-Cohen

Nature Reviews Neuroscience 2017 September 29;



Neural Representations Integrate the Current Field of View with the Remembered 360° Panorama in Scene-Selective Cortex.

Caroline E. Robertson, Katherine Hermann, Anna Mynick, Dwight Kravitz, & Nancy Kanwisher.

Current Biology 2016 September 29;



Reduced GABAergic Action in the Autistic Brain

Caroline E. Robertson, Eva-Maria Ratai, Nancy Kanwisher.

Current Biology 2015 December 17;


Screenshot 2017-12-19 17.22.03.png

Typical Magnitude and Spatial Extent of Crowding in Autism

Jan Freyberg, Caroline E. Robertson, Simon Baron-Cohen.

Journal of Vision 2016 March 21;


Screenshot 2017-12-19 16.17.07.png

Reduced Perceptual Exclusivity during Object and Grating Rivalry in Autism

Jan Freyberg, Caroline E. Robertson, Simon Baron-Cohen.

Journal of Vision 2016 September;


Screenshot 2017-12-19 16.39.19.png

Global Motion Perception Deficits in Autism are Reflected as Early as Primary Visual Cortex

Caroline E. Robertson, Cibu Thomas, Dwight J. Kravitz, Alex Martin, Simon Baron-Cohen, Chris I. Baker.

Brain 2014 July 23;


Screenshot 2017-12-19 16.39.58.png

Slower Rate of Binocular Rivalry in Autism

Caroline E. Robertson, Dwight J. Kravitz, Jan Freyberg, Simon Baron-Cohen, Chris I. Baker.

Journal of Neuroscience 2013 October 23;


Screenshot 2017-12-19

“Tunnel Vision”: A Sharper Gradient of Visual Attention in Autism

Caroline E. Robertson, Dwight J. Kravitz, Jan Freyberg, Chris I. Baker, Simon Baron-Cohen.

Journal of Neuroscience 2013 April 17;


Screenshot 2017-12-19 16.19.36.png

Atypical Integration of Motion Signals in Autism Spectrum Conditions

Caroline E. Robertson, Alex Martin, Chris I. Baker, Simon Baron-Cohen.

PLOS ONE 2012 November 20;


Screenshot 2017-12-19 17.29.30.png
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