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Tommy Botch

Science biography


I am a Cognitive Neuroscience graduate student co-advised by the FINN Lab and Robertson Lab. I received a B.S in Psychobiology in 2017 from UCLA. After graduating, I worked as a research assistance for UCLA Center of Behavioral and Addiction Medicine, a cheesemonger, and, penultimately, a lab manager for the Robertson Lab. Broadly, I am interested in how differences in the brain and behavior drive the diversity of individual experience. To address these questions, I use a combination of techniques including virtual reality, behavioral and neuroimaging paradigms. 


Non-science biography


I am a Los Angeles native and a recent transplant to the Upper Valley. When not in lab, I can likely be found at a cafe reading a book (currently reading: The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov), expanding my collection of vinyl records, or wandering through the local hiking trails. 


Special interests

Exploring music genres, nature, coffee, all the food

Graduate Student -

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